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Helpfulness in the Community is a cornerstone of our Mission Statement and has been since 1938.  Our benefactor Pearl McManus told the President at that time "you select one boy and send him to college through the club, and I will take the other one and send him to college myself."  Pearl put in place what has become our legacy of supporting Palm Springs High School students in their quest for higher education.

We are unique in our commitment to the students selected as we help them all 4 years of their college journey.  They communicate with our Scholarship/Philanthropy chair and must maintain full-time class schedules and 3.0 GPA's.  We are very proud of the many students who have successfully graduated and gone on to become successful in their fields of interest.

If you are interested in donating to the Palm Springs Woman's Club Scholarship Fund, or another program, please contact us in the below contact box.

Palm Springs High School Scholarship Fund will be giving 4 Students $7,000 paid over 4 years - graduating in 2022.  

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