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Our history is rich and members remain joined in a love fort the community, its history and place in the world, a passion for education and providing scholarships to our high school graduates, a keen sense of ownership and responsibility for our property and clubhouse; and a commitment to sharing individual energy and resources.  Our history continues to evolve - we create it each time we holdane  vent, sponsor a new member.  new and currnt members in the coming decades will face challenges, limited only by our imatination to:






Develop clear goals and strategies; embrace new technologies; explore multiple ideas and expand our legacy in our community; encourage and sustaina n energetic, livelyl and playful membership; and create an image of PSWC that will easily be recognized, valued and expected for years to come.

On to the Future!

Palm Springs Woman's Club is a non-profit California corporation and a 501 (c) (3) organization recognized by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service which means that donations to the Club are tax deductible for the amount that exceeds the value of goods or services received - both monetary and non-monetary donations may qualify.

By retaining a high level of membership, our annual dues cover general operating costs - example:  taxes, insurance, gardener, utilities, cleaning.

Special events are held to raise funds to cover building and grounds costs including repairs and improvements - example:  flooring, plumbing, sidewalks, and major appliance replacements.

Special fundraising drives are also used to raise money to cover other purposes that the membership votes to support.  These may be philanthropic in nature - example:  helping a needy family, or in the form of in-kind donations - example:  printing costs, or postage for a special mailer.

Other sources.  Each year, the charges for teas and luncheons are set and included in the yearly directory.  


An annual budget is prepared by the Treasurer and her committee, which is approved by the Executive Board and submitted to the membership for approval.  This helps all committees in their goals and plans for the coming season, and keeps the membership abreast of the Club's financial standing.  All income, expenses and distribution of funds are carefully documented and reported monthly by the Treasurer to the Executive Board and to the membership for approval.

The information and club history was written the summer of 2011 by Jenny McLean and Judy Sumich as a collaborative project.  
Many other members helped write and edit various decades.  The theme carried throughout the pages links the history of the club to current events.

We are excited about our future, and recognize the importance of documenting those events that have shaped our history.  If you have any photos, press clippings, or information that you would like to share with us,please  contact us.

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